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Cushcraft r7 match box

Seule une barre de LED manquante sur un segment gardé d'être parfait, mais j'ai appris de Willi, DF4NW qui a fait de rechange affichage à LED PCB pour la TR7/RV7/R7. . Montré est son 0,39 "écran jaune haute Très beau travail Willi - Je l'aime Consultez son site Web à l'adresse: pour plus d'informations.

HF EndFedz ® (Patent Pending) The UV resistant ABS plastic housing encloses an efficient matching network allowing the antenna to be fed with common 50 ohm coaxial cable. All hardware is stainless and the SO-239 connector is silver/teflon. The radiator wire is custom made for us in 21 mile runs. It is a #18 gauge stranded copperweld with a.

The box is from maplin, product number YM91Y and is one of their 'IP. enclosure' range. The box is 150 x 110 x 70mm in size (product codes YM91Y -. grey, YM93B - grey with clear lid). Cost is around six UK pounds. It is physically the same size as the Cushcraft variant, but the PCB has.

Paolo Bressan. Good Contest No skip for ten meter Big Signal on 40/20 and 15 meter closing 80 and TOP BAND Running 100 Watt Kenwood 870s Beam Yagy, dipole and Slooper for Top Band Vy 73 de IV3BCA Paolo [email protected] 381.

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The R7000 has the advantage of being mechanically simple and robust for a 7-band vertical. It's performance is comparible with these other designs. Some early owners have had fold-over problems. Cushcraft made a design change to incorporate some reinforcing around the CT1 (bottom) trap.

Cushcraft R 7000 Installation 7000 Installation from Cushcraft logo die marke cushcraft ist im amateurfunkmarkt gut bekannt. 951489 (12/99) 6,10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 30, 40, meters assembly and installation.

Buyee - Bid for '中古 CUSHCRAFT R7 VERTICAL 動作品 日本語組立説明書付き, Antennas, Amateur Radios, Hobbies & Crafts' directly on Yahoo! Japan Auctions in real-time.

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